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    We deal in stained glass windows, leaded glass windows, frosted glass windows, decorative windows of unusual sizes and shapes and  common windows of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 9 panes.  We also have some larger windows with 12 or more panes.  Not all types of windows are in stock at all times. 


Antique Wavy Glass

    We sell the old wavy glass and have a selection of hard to find pieces over 36 inches in dimension.  Wavy glass with bubbles in it is considerably more scarce than glass with just the waves in it; we do not presently have a stock of the wavy glass with bubbles but some customers have been able to find it in our yard.  Sometimes it is possible to find panes of wavy glass in our yard already cut to the size you need; but for the most part it is necessary to purchase a sash with the old glass, remove the glass from the sash, and cut or have it cut to the size needed.   

     We are unable to ship wavy glass as it is an item the customer has to see first to make sure it meets the need. 


Frosted Glass

     A selection of frosted glass is available both in a sash and as loose glass.  There as several different patterns of frosted glass in our inventory. 


Windows Used In Construction

    For windows used in construction, we suggest that you select your windows first before doing your framing as finding an exact size window in our yard may be very difficult or impossible.  Our inventory of windows is not organized by dimension.  Not all windows are the same thickness; so you will need to take into account the thickness of the window for many applications as well as the length and width. Most of the windows are loose sash rather than double hung windows framed and ready to install although we do have a few windows that are in a frame ready to be installed.

    If you are repairing existing windows already in a frame, we have available both pulleys and window weights.


Windows As Mirrors

    If you plan to put mirrors in a sash in place of the glass, we recommend that it be done with individual mirrors for each pane of glass rather than with one large mirror mounted behind the window.  A single mirror behind the window will leave a gap behind the mullions which will be noticeable.  If you will be removing the glass from a sash to put in mirrors we suggest removing it carefully rather than breaking it.  You can then take the panes with you intact as a template for the mirror size needed.  Most windows have metal glazing triangles, four for each pane of glass; these need to be carefully removed so that you do not break the glass in removing it.  The triangles are generally located about half way between the corners of the glass, one on each of the four edges.  Some of the large home improvement stores sell mirrors precut to certain standard sizes.  Depending upon the size of the panes of glass in your window, it may be possible to go this route rather than having individual mirrors cut.


Other Uses For Windows

     In addition to the uses described above windows can also be used as picture frames.  As picture frames it is possible to use them for one picture or to put individual pictures in each pane of glass.  It is also possible in a multi-pane window to use a mixture of pictures and mirrors. 

     Some of the larger windows have also been quite successfully used as room dividers.


Selections From Our Inventory

    Below are photographs of some of the more unusual windows in our inventory.



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