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    The shutters we sell are used on houses and for other uses such screens and room dividers.  Some merchants have found that shutters are good for displaying jewelry, clothing or other merchandise.  Shutters can also be used for paneling.  It is also becoming common to use outdoor shutters on some windows indoors. 

    When measuring for shutters, the height of the shutter should match the window height, and the width of the shutter should be half the window width.  Thus, when the shutters are closed they will fully cover the window.

    The general case is panel shutters on the ground floor and louver shutters on the upper floors.  The most notable exceptions to this rule are some Victorian houses where louver shutters are used everywhere. 

    Although shutter prices are generally quoted per pair, in most cases we can sell single shutters at half the per pair price.  Shutters are priced individually.  The price varies according to louvers or panels, size of the shutter, amount of hardware, and condition of the shutter.  Generally panel shutters are more expensive than louver shutters, and moveable louver shutters are more expensive than fixed louver shutters. 

    When seeking to replace a broken or damaged shutter several factors need to be considered in addition to the length or width.  On shutters of the same height, the cross piece between the panels is not always of the same width or at the same height.  Also, on louver shutters, shutters of the same height do not always have the same number of slats.  In addition, in many cases it is necessary to consider whether a shutter is a left hand or a right hand shutter.  The grooves on the edge away from the hinges are different.

    We do not recommend stripping or dipping of shutters.  Paint is the best protection against rotting of wood.  Properly painted and maintained with necessary repainting, shutters will last well over a hundred years.  When painting shutters, we suggest wire brushing any loose paint off of the shutters and then painting them.  Two coats of paint will generally conceal a difference in color of the previous paint underneath. 

    Our yard is a self service yard. We try to stack like type shutters with like type shutters.   We have no organized inventory list of shutters by dimension, quantity  or other criteria at this time.  It is necessary to walk through the yard, look at them and measure them.  If you contact us with your needs, we can usually give you an indication whether it is worth the trip to take a look at shutters. 

      We also have a selection of Indoor Shutters.


Shutter Hardware

    We also carry shutter hardware.  We stock shutter hinges, slide bolts and keepers, shutter dogs and various other hooks and rings.  Shutter hinges are normally in two parts with one part having a pin and the other part having a receptacle.  Most types of shutter hinges come in left hand and right hand versions.  The convention for left or right on shutter hinges is from standing inside the house looking out.  A few shutter hinges are marked L or R for left or right but most of them are not marked.  Some shutter hinges are also marked with the height of the hinge in inches.  A 3 on the back of a shutter hinge would indicate a 3 inch hinge.  There are numerous different types of shutter hinges.  The earlier forms of these hinges are non locking while the later hinges are of the locking type.  A non locking hinge will require that shutter dogs, latches, rods  or some other restraining method be used to keep the shutters from blowing in the wind.

      Our inventory of shutter hinges also includes strap hinges.  We stock them loose as well as sell them from scrap shutters that can not otherwise be sold.


        Below is information about some of the shutters we presently have available. 



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