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We have available 4 different styles of hitching posts.  These are made up items using cast iron reproduction horse heads mounted on steel pipe.  We carry them because the old hitching posts are way up in price and not easy to find.  They are priced at $70.00, $90.00, and $100.00.  All posts stand between 5 and 6 feet in height and are black except as noted. 





Hitching Post

Price $70.00

Shipping Weight 23 Pounds

Height about 64 Inches




The $70.00 hitching post has a small head and is mounted on an inch and a half inner diameter steel pipe.  The head itself is about 6 inches tall.   








Hitching Post          THIS ITEM OUT OF STOCK

Price $90.00

Shipping Weight 35 pounds

Total Height is 68 inches

We are told that the manufacturer of these heads went out of business.



This $90.00  hitching post has a larger head with considerably more detail;  it is mounted on a 2 inch inner diameter steel pipe.  The head itself is about 12 inches high. 





Hitching Post

Price $90.00

Shipping Weight 33 pounds

Total Height 72 inches

Color:  Brown as shown





This $90.00 hitching post is mounted on a 2 inch inner diameter threaded steel pipe and is brown in color as shown.  It does not have a ring like the other horse posts. 







Hitching Post

Price $90.00

Shipping Weight 28 Pounds

Total Height 69 Inches

Color:  Black

Height of head itself is 9 Inches







This $90.00 hitching post is mounted on a 2 inch inner diameter threaded steel pipe and is black in color.  The photograph was lightened to show detail of the horse head better. 







Hitching Post 

Price $100.00

Shipping Weight 37 Pounds

Height of head itself is 12 Inches

This item is also available in rust color on a rust colored pipe                                                                            




The $100.00 hitching post has a considerably larger head than the $90.00 post but less detail; it is mounted on a 2 inch inner diameter steel pipe.




The head below is the same head as directly above.  It is mounted on a short 2 inch inner diameter steel pipe which has a flange for screw mounting to a post, etc.  Diameter of the flange is about 5 1/4 inches.  The four holes in the flange are about 3/8 inch diameter.  The distance from the bottom of the flange to the bottom of the horse head is about 4 1/4 inches.  Shipping weight is 28 pounds.  Price is $80.00. 



     For mounting outside we suggest putting the hitching post in about an 18 inch deep hole and then setting it in concrete. 



     Hitching posts can be picked up at our shop by prior arrangement (no shipping charges), or they can be shipped by United Parcel Service or Federal Express.   We ship them with both the head and the bottom of the post bubble wrapped and taped.  You can contact us by email or by telephone and we will determine shipping charges for you. 

     Should you wish to estimate shipping charges yourself, we provide the following link to the United Parcel Service Website. At the UPS Site, select United States.  When the U. S. page comes up click on Estimate Costs under Quick Links. In estimating costs from this UPS Site, use origin ZIP code 18912.  Use the weight shown above for the horse you wish to order, and use dimensions of 74 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches.    


 Click here to Go to the UPS Website Home Page.


Special Ordering

     A number of special order options are available for these hitching posts.  We can also sell the heads loose not mounted on a pipe.  For information on special ordering click on the link below.  We also have a few horse posts available which are not shown on this web page.  Contact us for information about items not shown.


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