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    We deal in door hardware, shutter hardware and various other types of hardware.  The hardware is not sorted or organized at this time.  It is a matter of digging through it and finding what you need.  



    In door hardware we carry rim locks, mortise locks, door plates, keyhole plates and rosettes.  We carry door knobs in glass, porcelain, Bennington, wood, brass and iron.  We also have a selection of decorative brass knobs and decorative iron knobs.  In addition there is a selection of the standard 5/16 inch shafts for door knobs; and we carry keepers for the rim locks and strike plates for the mortise locks.

    In general, the door knobs designed for the standard 5/16 inch shafts cannot be used with much of the newer door hardware.  In order to use these knobs the locks must be changed to the older style locks, either rim lock or mortise lock. 

    We have a few decorative Victorian door hinges available. 



     In shutter hardware we carry a selection of shutter hinges. Shutter hinges are generally two part hinges. One part goes on the shutter, and the other part goes on the house. There are several different types of hinging configurations. One major type of shutter hinges is the locking type. These will hold the shutter open so that no extra means of securing the shutters is needed to keep them from being blown closed by the wind. Another major type of shutter hinges are the non-locking type which are generally an earlier design. With the non-locking type it is necessary to secure the shutters in some manner so that they do not get blown about by the wind. Some shutters use strap hinges with a pintil mounted to the house either by wood screws or by a pin driven into a stone wall. This method is a non-locking method, and a way to secure the shutters against the wind is required.

    The methods of securing shutters so they will not blow around in the wind vary.  One method is with shutter dogs.  These are sometimes attached to the siding with screws if the house is of frame construction.  Another variety of shutter dog has a spike which can be put into a stone wall if the house has same.  Still another method is with a shutter dog attached to the window sill which has an arm reaching out to hold the shutter in place.

    Another method of securing shutters against the wind is with a rod attached to the shutter which then reaches over to the window sill and is hooked into a receptacle on the window sill.  A variation of this method  is with a long latch attached to the shutter which attaches to a receptacle on the window sill; these latches are often made of wrought iron and have a decorative twist to them. 

    We carry shutter hinges (both locking and non locking), shutter dogs, the rods mentioned above and various other shutter hardware such as slide bolts and keepers, hooks and rings.  A selection of strap hinges for shutters is also available.



    Other types of hardware that we carry are snowbirds and strap hinges.  A large selection of strap hinges is available both of sizes used on shutters and on barn doors. 

Pictures of some of the items in our inventory are posted below.


                                                 SNOW BIRD

We have a variety of Snow Birds of different designs.  The one shown here is typical.  These are primarily used on slate roofs to break up sliding snow. 





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